Autumn is coming so I though I could share with you my favorite autumn activies, my tips and tricks! I know there're a lot of similar articles, but I hope you'll enjoy this while you're reading and I hope I can help you with these advices!

1. Getting the basic things...

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You'll need some really basic, indispensable stuff, you can't "survive", especially can't enjoy autumn without these accessories, clothes, etc... While you're looking for these things, you can really have fun and when you have these, your autumn will be much warmer and softer than usually, I promise!

  • shoes - oxford shoes are the best, those are stylish and comfortable, perfect for warmer days!
  • boots - combat boots, I love them!
  • scarf - a huge, soft scarf can save a life, you can wear it in your neck or around your shoulders, you can use it as a blanket, scarfs are life-savers at these months!
  • gloves and hats - when you're outside and the wind starts to blow, sometimes you can clearly feel how your ears and fingers starts to freeze, prevent it!
  • fuzzy socks - in your combat boots those can look really cute and if you're like me and your feet starts to freeze at night even if those are under a warm blanket, your feet will thank when you pull on a pair of fuzzy socks!
  • umbrella, raincoat - autumn usually equals rainy days, I bet you don't want to take a shower while you're on your way home, take a nice umbrella and keep it in your bag (I really need a yellow umbrella, I had a little accident and my friend broke mine about one and a half year ago, Adam, if you're reading this, my birthday's coming)!
  • flannels - flannels are way more comfortable than lots of blouses, plus if you choose an oversized one, it's so adorable with the sleeves rolled up!
  • sweaters, sweatshirts, jumpers - of course, you'll need something under your coat but over your shirt, layering is the most practical way to dress in the autumn!

2. Music on!

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Sometimes you're alone and in those times your best friends are your headphones, I know this feeling. Try make a great playlist with songs which give you that typical "autumn-feeling".
Here are some of my favorite "autumn-feelings" songs:

+ Because of my "lifestyle" (I learn music) I obviously love classical music but if you're not really into those looong, "boring" pieces, I can recommend to you this page:

This man is awesome, listen to it if you want! I'm sure you'll hear some melodys you know but not this way!

3. Camera up!

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Autumn is beautiful, the colorful leaves, the grey sky, the dark ground, I love it so much, can you imagine better time to take some pictures? It can be selfie, portrait, landscape, you can be a professional or an enthusiastic amateur, these pictures will look awesome, you'll be really proud of them!

4. Hike, trip, walk girl!

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As I said, autumn is beautiful, so why wouldn't you make sure about this from a hill or somewhere higher than the normal. You can find really nice places, rivers, bridges, forest roads, rails... The city/town can be amazing in this season too, so, what are you waiting for? When you see the first leaf falling down, call your friends and let's trip together!

5. Let's bake, cook, roast

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After a great day, when you already hiked and took some pictures, light a campfire and while that anything is cooks/bakes/roasts get a guitar and the most talented guy/girl can play and sing. It's a great memory to everyone and it's much cheaper than eating in a popular restaurant!
Let's roast those marshmallows!

6. DIY

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Make some cool decorations to your room/house, there're a lot of great ideas on the internet, these can be made for the general autumn or for halloween, the choice is yours and you'll have a good time while you're making these!

7. Halloween

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And of course, halloween, I really like halloween, the feeling, the decorations, the music and films, the monsters, ghosts, witches... btw, here are some great films to halloween (if you're like me and you don't like horror):

  • Halloweentown 1-2.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Corpse Bride
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

And, actually, almost every Tim Burton movie is great for halloween!

8. Festivals

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In my city we don't have too much festivals which are connect to the season but we have great concerts usually and I really like to go to them! Go to concerts and festivals whenever you can, that's how you can make memories and meet new people!

9. Bake something!

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But first, seek after the ingredients! You know, it's a great pastime and even greater activity when you're seeking after the roundest pumpkin and the juiciest apples. Baked pumpkin is delicious, but pumpkin pies are fantastic too, and I didn't speak about apple pies and cinnamon rolls yet... Anything, what's pumpkin spiced or there's a lot of apple, caramel and cinnamon in that is great for autumn!
If you can't bake, don't worry, there're many easy and delicious coffee, hot chocolate and cocoa recipes, but if the microwave is your best friends, you can make mug cakes too! It's all up to you!

10. Chill

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When you had a lot of great days and you made even more memories, you can sit back and grab a book! Light a candle, take a huge cup of tea, put on some soft music and open that book. The feeling can be better if it's raining outside and you have a fireplace (you can transform your computer into a fireplace with this video:, some fuzzy socks on your feet and turn off that WiFi on the phone, so no one can disturb you - it's a perfect way to express your self-love!

There're a few tiny things that can make your autumn even better, try them is you want:

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  • candles - my favorite candles are the ones which smell like cookies and sweets, treats but I'm sure I'd love a coffee one too
  • color your hair - it can change your mood if you use warm tones especially in this season, so try as many as you can! Browns, reds and oranges are prefferred!
  • preparation - it's sad but we can easily catch a cold in this season, get ready for the worst days, know what's the best for you if you have sore throat, blocked nose or maybe fever. Know some recipes and tricks! Please, take care of yourself!
  • draw/paint something - I love looking for some really nice autumn themed drawing or painting, I usually draw foxes, owls, hedgehogs and other "typical autumn animals" with scarves and beanies on them, you know, they're adorable with those accessories!
  • pastry - I know, I love the pastry called kürtőskalács, it's a rolled dough rolled into cinnamon-sugar, I have that typical "autumn-feeling" when I eat that. Try pastries with typical fall seasoning!
  • coffee/tea - I think I don't need to explain how much a cup of tea/coffee can make my day, even if I have a really bad mood, these're always there for me
  • family - I can't emphasize enough how much it matters that who you do all these activies with, the family is sooo important. It doesn't matter if those people are your real family or your closest friends, be with them, your mood will be generally better if you spend time with the ones you love!

Well, I hope you liked it and if you're still here, you were patient enought to read this whole article, thank you so much!
If you want to see more picture beside these ones, I can recommend you my collection:

(Yes, it's a little self-promotion)

Have a great autumn and a great school year, Hearter!! ♥