Hi, I’m the devil. What? You can’t be surprised when you’ve spent my entire life deciding gay equals anormal,
In ninth grade a friend told me I didn’t choose the right path.
Hi, I’m the devil. But what does that mean
I’m unclean, I’m less pure, I love everyone, sure
But isn’t that what we are fighting for?
Hi, I’m the devil. And the bible disagrees
but let’s ignore humanity and joke that my feelings aren’t real or, even,
that God may forgive me.
But no sin’s worthy of that.

You think I have some kind of disease,
like a cock could cure me,
to stop contaminating people with love.
But since you can’t feel it it probably doesn’t exist anyway,
You’re pretty sure bisexuality is just a myth,
so when it comes to how I feel no one gives a shit
unless I am unsure because then I’m a fetish.

Or if I’m asexual. That makes me a fetish too
But doesn’t that also mean I’m a prude,
nothing you can do will make me love you,
regardless of your gender or sexuality.

I am a sinner in a church,
Surrounded by what you think is better.
I am identified by who I love and who I fuck,
even though you keep telling me I shouldn’t love them in the first place.

Keep your mouth shut unless I’m the one allowing you to speak,
says the ones who defends press liberty.
It’s funny, the ones who cry gay the loudest
are the ones who are most afraid of me.

You’re damn right my mind is different,
a person makes me fall in love instead of a sex.

Hi, I’m the devil and no, that doesn’t mean
I am gonna infect your black stained thoughts
That you make appear as pure.
Hi, I’m the devil and no, that doesn’t mean I am
confused and anormal.
Hi, I’m the devil.
And no that doesn’t mean I am the girl who was begging for attention.
Hi, I’m the devil and no,
that doesn’t mean I am nothing.