I thought I would introduce myself to my lovely followers.

My name is Stephanie and I'm 23 years old. I am from Sweden and is the typical blonde and tall akward viking. I love coming on we♥it everyday to find inspiration in my normal and quiet life.

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Midsummer & candy is something I love and no there is no polar bears in Sweden, that is just a myth.

So what brought me here to we♥it in the first place?

All I wanted back in the day was to escape the reality I was living and I think I still do that, but at the same time I try to live in the reality I am in now. Confused? I understand. What I am trying to say is that maybe I don't need to escape my reality any longer, so we♥it is more like a compliment to my life.

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In the begining I was trying to find my happy place through pictures which didn't give me many followers, but I had fun and it made me smile. Later on when the christmas came I started uploading pictures on we♥it which made me get more followers and that made me happier and at that time I understood that I could spread some love to my followers through pictures I like.

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After gaining some followers from my christmas pictures there were very quiet later when christmas ended but what could I do? There is ony christmas once a year. Then I started watching korean dramas and listen to kpop and I thought wow, I have found a whole new world and I have to spread it on we♥it and that is what I did.

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So here I am now, spreading some love through pictures that I hope will inspire others and myself.

Thank you for reading my first article here on we♥it.

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That is all from me