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Fine hair is a pain to deal with. It breaks off too easily, it falls flat and it never really delivers the volume and glam you'd expect from natural hair. It's even worse if you tend to have dry hair like me. So how do you grow hair that likes to break off if you just breathe on it? Well, fine hair is like a child that you have to be patient with because it needs a lot of love. Do not expect miracles and do not expect these tips to work immediately. First things first, DO NOT compare your hair to other naturals. Your hair is fine and is therefore quite different, your hair may grow even slower than others because it's finicky. So first thing you need to do is love your hair enough to spend enough time needed to take care of it. Without further delay, here are my tips:

Wash Your Hair with Shampoo Every Week

You have fine hair, you cannot afford to not use shampoo to wash out all that build-up. You cannot co-wash and you cannot go poo-less. You need to get the gunk that is weighing down your hair OUT, otherwise it will slow down growth a lot and you'll find your hair looking dull and stringy. Don't let that be you. Get a gentle shampoo without sufates and alcohol and get to work every week.

Finger Detangle During the Week and Use a Wide Tooth Comb on Wash Day

Do not put a comb through your hair during the week AT ALL. Gently finger detangle during the week and save the heavy duty detangling for wash day. It's healthier for your hair and your hair doesn't need a whole lot of detangling to survive the week anyway. Make sure that you finger detangle sparingly. Maybe once or twice if you have to. The goal is to keep your hands out of your head as much as possible. Your hair is happier with less manipulation. This also reduces breakage.

Plan Your Hairstyles

So your hair likes to be left alone, but not for too long. If you leave your protective style in for two weeks at a time, you'll find it dry and very tangled when trying to take it down. So plan your protective styles for up to 3-4 days max then take it down and wear it out. Plan which days you're going to protective style and which days you're going to wear your hair out so your hair can breathe. My routine is typically

Mon, Tues, Wed - protective style

Thursday - Wear out

Fri - Wear out or in a bun

Saturday - Wash day so they end up in twists

Sunday - still in loose twists from wash day


With this routine there are 4 days in the week when my hair is in a protective style. That's how the ratio should roughly play out. Try to limit the amount of days you style your hair and you'll find yourself with longer hair little by little.

Use a Highly Moisturizing Leave-In

Because you don't really mess with your hair alot, you need to make sure you have an extra hydrating leave-in that will keep your hair moisturized for a few days. So yes, I am giving you permission to use a heavier leave-in. Heavier products, if worked in thoroughly, are perfect for moisturizing hair for an extended period of time. So don't cross off a product because it's heavy. As long as it is uber moisturizing, you're good to go!


For Christ's sake, please be careful with your hair. Do not yank or pull on it like a weed, do not press too hard on it, and do not abuse it. If you're not in the mood to do your hair and think you'll yank out hair in an effort to rush through, don't do your hair!! Just wait until you're in the mood. To make it more fun, watch a television show or a movie while you do your hair. Take your time and be careful!!

Hope this helps! I'm going to do a post soon about what products are good to use!