This summer has ended so fast. In my country it was sooo hot! I will miss days which I spent with my friends, chilling on the beach, playing basketball on the playground,... But in the other hand, I´m happy because autumn is here. Ohh, I already have a taste of chestnuts in my mouth, sound of rain in my ears...

autumn, fall, and book image
"Comfy sweaters, warm drinks and pretty colors."

Do you know which thing I also love in autumn? Pumpkins! Oh, I adore pumpkins! Not the scary ones for Halloween,just the normal ones:) They are a real symbol of autumn.

pumpkin, autumn, and fall image

For the end, the only thing that remains to us is to say goodbye to the summer and, with smile on face, step into fall...

P.S. Sorry if I have mistakes in writing :)