People forget really easaly... They forget how much have loved each other ...
There forget how many thing have been through with the loved ones
And all this because they have forget that the wammans/mans they have loved their not they same with all the other 100000 peoples in the world

<< - LInking ??
-Of course," said the fox. For me, you're still just a little boy totally similar to another hundred thousand little boys. And I do not need you. You don't need me . For you, I'm just a fox like a hundred thousand foxes. But if you tame me then we shall need each other . To me you will be unique in all the world .To you I shall be unique in all the world >> The little prince and the fox chapter 21

Yes.. you tame this womman ,this man... and now is not similar to all the other 100000 wommans/ mans. Don't forget that you was next to your loved one when he/she was sad, you was the one who protect him/her for everything. You was there because you belived that he/she is special for the way he/she eat , the way that he/she sleep the way he/she does everything and not just because was beautiful.Don't forget how much you loved him/her because you may found the same beauty but you will never found the thing that make him/her special for you