When I am burning with resentment for you and your actions my face is not beautiful it´s twisted, deformed and ugly
My heart is stained with a muddy brown color seemingly impossible to wash off
My hands are hanging uselessly down my sides, not moving to push you off the edge, but they are not there to help you off dangerous ground
When I am so furious that veins start drawing lines on my forehead, it´s not pretty it´s preposterous and irrational
My toes curl and my heart pumps a deep red color through my body fueling it with poison
My hands curl into tiny chubby fists, useless for fights so my mouth opens instead
My weapon of choice being harsh sounds emanating from thin white lips
Lips which are beginning to break and crack from the abusive words
Words who scratch my throat and burn my tongue
My head is now heavy with sadness and as my body slumps down on the concrete my heart becomes conscious of the pain you inflicted upon me with your actions
I might be filled with hurt, resentment, and sadness I, however, do not regret my choice of words although ugly they were faithful to my truth
I will not let you step over me like a dead leaf or drag me around like a ragdoll
I´ll rather be ugly, stained, laughable, poisoned and a tiny bit sick than beautiful, numb and silent while following your charades.
So let me be myself and I'll let you be yourself and we´ll see who´ll end up manifested, colorful, rounded, wise, resistant, impassioned and well-lived.