Hello guys,i've decided to do a list about my all time favourties tv series. Hope you like it.

caroline damon
10.The vampire diaries. Interesting story and characters,nice to watch for fun.
13 reasons why, hannah baker, and clay image
9. 13 Reason's why. Loved the book,even if it is a little bit changed i really enjoyed it. And finally a show about an important problem.
da vinci's demons da vinci's demons
8.Da vinci's demons. I find the story interesting and i liked the different way that it was made.
car dean winchester
7.Supernatural.Is there anyone that doesn't find the Winchester brothers adorable? O my! I wished i had that Impala.
cole sprouse, riverdale, and betty cooper image
6.Riverdale.Just started watching it and i immediately loved it.
tv series, htgawm, and with murder image
5. How to get away with murder. A completely different show with an amazing twist.
Carrie Bradshaw carrie
4.Sex and the city. New york city,4 single womens,relationships and fashion? Can you really ask for more?
spartacus spartacus
3.Spartacus. I watched this show like...i don't know? Maybe 3 times. I felt so captivated by the story and the characters.
daredevil, charlie cox, and Marvel image
2.Daredevil. Who doesn't love a superhero show?I mean,Matt Murdock is bae.
Superthumb Superthumb article dragons
1.Game of thrones. Speechless...This show got everything! Mystery,romance,great conflicts,dragons even fucking snow zombies.