let's see what's going on in the world so many of you know or may not know of this not to new thing that was created in 1989 but it's a kind of new to us Gen z but it's called a microchip implant it was a originally used for to track animals which I am very much still against. what I am try to warn you about this because the government is up to no good the microchip implant is not safe it is dangerous and it is gonna be force on us it will be a order from the government and we have to stop it before it's to late because when it get to us we will have no rights and it's already starting with some parts of Europe it is called the NWO so be careful because its not safe please don't get it just please don't we will be nothing but government puppets we need to look after each other cause this is bad news they will force us to get it to get food/clean water/clothes/and to work which is sick we need to put a stop to it but don't forget to go on Angel Tyler about how to fix problems and advices.