So as we all know, our system is a bit of a mess, and we wan't to fix it for the better. But how ?

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Groups, and movement's.

We nee more of group like antifa, alt-right, blm, so how to do this is make a platform on a very popular social media like Twitter, and make your own symbol, and colors, it will be made in to a group(No not a gang if you wan't). make sure enough people have interest to join for this group though.

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They spy on you.

Since free speech is going to be no much of a right no more, it's going to be hard, so make sure you are clever.

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Creating hide out's, in building that are abandoned, and not really used or touch tbh.

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How to touch people globally around the earth, YouTube is your step, make sure they are legit, and make sure you do things like report of serious topics the Virginia riot or sum like that.

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The elites, rothschild play games with the citizens, and you, and with the world in general, you need to be clever, and more wise. When people are in the game, and you back out and say stop playing the game, they will think you are crazy tbh. 4 words The system hate us.

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Help each other out

Helping eachother out is what the system hates, and especially when you stand to together.

Those are the ways to create a movement for your country, and world in that case though.