The 12 Zodiac Signs (Star Signs) - Astrology

Aries: 03/21 - 04/20
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Stone: Ruby
Secret wish: They want to show the way for others
Best match: Leo and Sagittarius
Worst match: Cancer

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Taurus: 04/21 - 05/21
Element: Earth
Planet: Venus
Stone: Rose quartz
Secret wish: They want to have a safe, happy and well-to-do life
Best match: Virgo and Capricorn
Worst match: Leo

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Gemini: 05/22 - 06/06
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury
Stone: Topaz
Secret Wish: They want to be ahead of everyone
Best match: Libra and Aquarius
Worst match: Virgo

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Cancer: 06/22 - 07/22
Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Stone: Moonstone
Secret wish: They want to feel safe (emotional, mental, romantic and financial)
Best match: Scorpio and Pisces
Worst match: Aries

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Leo: 07/23 - 08/23
Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Stone: Diamond
Secret wish: They want to be a star
Best match: Aries and Sagittarius
Worst match: Taurus

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Virgo: 08/24 - 09/23
Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury
Stone: Emerald
Secret wish: They want to love and to be loved
Best match: Taurus and Capricorn
Worst match: Sagitarrius

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Libra: 09/24 - 10/23
Element: Air
Planet: Venus
Stone: Lapis Lazuli
Secret wish: They want to live a easy and uncomplicated life
Best match: Gemini and Aquarius
Worst match: Pisces

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Scorpio: 10/24 - 11/22
Element: Water
Planet:: Pluto
Stone: Garnet
Secret wish: They want to triumph
Best match: Cancer and Pisces
Worst match: Gemini

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Sagittarius: 11/23 - 12/21
Element: Fire.
Planet: Jupiter
Stone: Turquoise
Secret wish: They want to make a difference in this world
Best match: Aries and Leo
Worst match: Virgo

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Capricorn: 12/22 - 01/20
Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Stone: Onyks
Secret wish: They want to be admired by their family and friends and also by the surroudings as totality
Best match: Taurus and Virgo
Worst match: Libra

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Aquarius: 01/21 - 02/18
Element: Air
Planet: Uranus
Stone: Rock crystal
Secret wish: They want to be original and unique
Best match: Gemini and Libra
Worst match: Taurus

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Pisces: 02/19 - 03/20
Element: Water
Planet: Neptune
Stone: Amethyst
Secret wish: They want to follow their dreams and make their imagiantions come true
Best match: Cancer and Scorpio
Worst match: Gemini

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