heartbreak is hard but everyone has to go through it. hear are a few tips by Kylie Jenner.

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  • be around your friends. go out with them and have a girls night out. do thinks you wouldn't have done when you were in a relationship.
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  • do not stalk your ex. don't be following him around , hes in the past and now its time to move on. go out and have fun.
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  • fill up on your favorite snacks. there is no point saying your not going to eat, just eat your favorite snack. Kylie's favorite snack is cupcakes
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  • stop lying around in your p.js and get dressed up and go out. confidence is key. here are a few of Kylies ideas to outfits -
  • plain cotton dress with a denim jacket
  • track pants with sneakers and a crop top
  • silk dress


  • do things outside the box
  • get out and do things fun
  • eat your favorite foods
  • look to your future