THUG LIFE - The Hate You Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody- Tupac
Heyy! This is my first article ever and I hope you`ll like it. English isn`t my mother tongue, but I hope I won`t make many mistakes.

Today I`m gonna write about the book "The Hate U Give", which I finished about two days ago.

This book, written by Angie Thomas, is about a black girl named Starr. Starr constantly moves between two worlds: the black, poor neighborhood, where she comes from, and the fancy, white school she attends. She than witnesses the murder of her best friend Khalil, which was shot by a policeman. Starr can`t do anything to save Khalils life, but there`s something different she can do for him; she doesn`t stay quiet and starts telling the truth about the night Khalil died.
This book is telling the story of a young, brave girl who stands up for her rights and the rights of million other people and shows what`s behind the stories we read in newspapers. Angie shows why it is important to fight for the truth and don`t stay quiet. No matter if you are black or white, no matter what religion you believe in or which country you come from: Fight for what`s right!
This story has a very important message and I hope you`ll read it!

So this was my first article, if you wanna read more please let me know. I really love writing, so it would be cool.

All The Love.)