Hi ! (Sorry for the mistakes, I'm french)

I just wanted to share my musics of the moment with you... Maybe you already know them !

BEGIN by Jungkook from BTS. The lyrics of the song are beautiful and so touching. Kookie dedicated it for his member to show them how much he loves them. If you haven't, listen to it !

DARLING by Taeyang from Big Bang. Like "Eyes, nose, lips", a masterpiece. Feelings, feelings & feelings for this song !

SO FAR AWAY by Suga, Jungkook & Jin from BTS. In this song you can feel how Suga suffer and a party of what he thinks about life. Very touching from our Suga. With Kookie & Jin beautiful voices it's much more daebak *^*

4 O'CLOCK by Taehyung & Rap Monster from BTS. Poetry, feelings and beauty are your friends in this songs. Tae shows his warm side... Actually ths song has been written for our Jimin. We can feel their deep friendship. Namjoon's rap... Nothing to say. You already know xD And he sings too !!

What his your songs of the moment ? Share !