So I just came back from my summer house, which means holidays are over for me! So I sat down and started thinking what I need to do from now on. The thing is, we all have goals, right? So here are some tips to make sure you will achieve yours:

1) Make sure your goals aren't just temporary: Most goals take a lot of time and hard work to be achieved. If your goal is not important and you think will only last a week or two, cross it out off your list, it's not worth it.

2) Write everything down: Choose your favourite notebook or journal, sit down, with a cup of coffee or tea, and write your goals using your favourite pen. You can use stickers and photos, whatever it takes to make it look like those goals are really imortant. By writing them down, you will be more organised, and won't forget anything!

3) Keep your mind on the goal. Always: Want to learn a new language? Start searching for books, listen to songs and watch movies. Want to study abroad? Search for programs from universities, scholarships and of course start saving money. Do whatever it takes to always remember what you want to achieve.

4) Make baby steps: Start by writing down the goal, then write down what needs to be done to achieve that goal, step by step. Focus on one step at a time, then cross it out when done. Remember, you need to be patient and work hard to achieve your goals.

5) It's not the end of the world: Sure, goals are important, but don't be desperate if one of your goals doesn't work out. Instead, always have a plan B ready.

6) Believe in yourself: You can do whatever you want, as long as you are determined and work hard. Get out there and make your dreams come true!