Hello everyone! im going to talk about what every girl should have for her summer closet.

Summer must have clothing

First Ruffled (Dresses and tops)

if you guys keep up with the fashion trends Ruffles are everywhere
whether it was on a top with long sleeves or cold shoulder, Long or short dresses, ruffled jump suits aswell, you can also find Ruffled Bikinis.

fashion fashion Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb summer fashion chic

Second Prints

  • Polka dots
model Superthumb Superthumb fashion fashion fashion Superthumb Superthumb
  • Plaids
fashion fashion fashion fashion fashion fashion
  • Floral
Superthumb fashion fashion beauty girl fashion fashion
  • Fruits
style girl Superthumb Superthumb

Third Fabrics

  • Silk & Satin
chic fashion fashion Superthumb fashion blonde fashion fashion Superthumb Superthumb
  • Velvet
clothes clothes dress josephine skriver beauty blue

Forth Denim

Two tone denim, denim dresses, embroidered denim, Flared denim.

Superthumb fashion casual fashion clothes clothes fashion fashion

Tassels & pompom

jenner dress fashion Superthumb

You can find all these outfits in almost any store! H&M,mango,ZARA,Balmian
and there's some online stores on insta asos_it, réalisationpar, Nakd,
Sabo skirt, Gina Tricot.

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I hope i was helpful and inspiring, and that you actually liked my content i do know i added many pictures because i feel that one picture equals a thousand words, and that's what's weheartit for.

Have good day/night wherever you live xoxo