This is for the old me. The person with full insecurities, the person that couldn't look herself in the eyes because she thought that she was not worth of anything, the person that she was almost depressed. Trust me, I know.
''Am I enough? Good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough etc?''
But after a year of sessions with a psychologist and a little thinking of my own, I finally understood that ''Yes, I am enough''. I am a human being that is allowed to make mistakes, to feel bad a few times, to be myself. This is who I am and I'm not gonna change because the ''society'' wants me to. And when I say ''society'', I mean all the jerks in high school that puts labels on people because the are just different from them. I mean all the peοple around the world that judge without thinking. The media that adduce the wrong standards and then you blame yourself, because you don't belong in those standards and you're different.
This is wrong and it has to stop. And I'm not talking only about the people that have different sexuality than "normal" people. I'm talking about all the people in the world that might feel sidelined. I felt sidelined for years and I'm straight.
So, for everyone of you out there; you are special, unique, talented, gifted, beautiful in your own kind of way, worth loving person and don't feel bad and blame yourself because an idiot labeled you. Please remeber that.
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These are some of my favorite quotes from the tv show, One Tree Hill.
- Love, Filio