I have thought about this for a long time. How sad it is that people just take their phones when they feel lonely in a room full of people, or when they feel awkward because they don't know what to say, or even when they feel just a little bit bored.

And this isn't all, because people disrespect each other because it's just very easy to ignore each other online. I see people ignoring each other in real life because they are so used to it. We become more and more selfish. I'm not perfect sometimes I do the same. Sometimes I just forget people around me, and do what I want. And yea I know what you are thinking. We are told to do what WE want. Of course! But what about the people around us, what about the people we love? I don't see much love in the world I live in. Not because people don't want to love each other, but because we have become so busy with ourselves. I don't have a solution, actually I really don't know what to do, I just want you to think about it. Not just put your phone down when you are with other people (but I hope you will do that too) and specially the ones you love, but I mean also be in the moment, look up and don't forget to respect the people around. And remember sometimes to put some people's needs over your own needs.

This reminds me of a situation. I need to tell you about this. My friend tired to commit suicide by jumping in the ocean. One of my other friends jumped after her and they were in the water together. My other friend couldn't get my friend out of the water so she screamed after help and people around just looked down at her and then they continued their walk. HAVE CAN YOU DO THAT?

It's just so importent that we have some humanity and that we fight for it because if this development continues, I can't imagine how horrible this world will be.