I saw this video and almost shed a tear. For some reason unsolicited support from friends in family in the form of a heartfelt yet spur of the moment video is just so touching to me. It shows that you care enough to stop what you're doing and reach out to someone who needs a hug. That's the place that Jackson Wang has found himself in upon the release of his new song Papillon. It has been released on Vevo for the American fan base and it has been under a world of scrutiny for no real reason. Having scrolled through the Youtube comments and the various reactions on social media, I've seen people criticize him for appropriating, disrespecting black culture, being a bad rapper or producing a bad song. It's really sickening how grossly critical, intolerant and cruel people are behaving. Jackson has always dreamed of being a rapper and a fan is supposed to support him in all his endeavors,.

Noticing the hate, GOT7 members put together a video to show their support of his solo endeavors. It was incredibly sweet and it showed how much the boys care for him and how much they want him to be happy pursuing his dream. I found it cute how Bambam considered Jackson like his teacher and told him how proud of him he was. I hope we see more of that. More support for Jackson and more encouragement instead of misguided hatred.

Check out the video!