this is my first article so I don't know if I'll write much but here are some tips on studying if you're that one person who keeps procrastinating and is pretty bad at studying (like me :,( )

Anyway, TIP NUMBER ONE, if you can't get things done like me and keep procrastinating then one good thing you can do, is to force yourself to finish your work. I know this might sound lame but if you want to get things done then force yourself to get things done so you don't end up doing things at the last minute. I suggest having a planner or a bullet journal to make sure you get everything done. Most of the time we either skip homework or do things at midnight, which is pretty bad since you also need some good sleep too. So it's better to keep a planner or bullet journal so you can just get things done instead of procrastinating.

Have a study routine, it's probably better to at least study for an hour or half a day because it's easier to remember what you studied when there's a test instead of trying to remember something you studied last night. Your brain will probably be able to collect information a lot faster if you study every day a little by little and take breaks. I usually think it's better to revise what you learn at school so it's easier to study the day before a test.

Have a few productivity apps, Forest is a must have the app because it stops you from using any other apps until you finish your task. And there are other apps like Student Agenda etc. I usually just use forest because I mostly use my bullet journal to get things done.

You need to take breaks and have a proper sleep!
it's important to have some good sleep or you'll probably be too tired to finish things. Taking a few breaks is fine but not for too long though.

If you know there's a test coming up, then it's better to study for it at least a week before so don't end up cramming at the end.

That's it for now, If you guys want me to write about more stuff then please do suggest. I'd love to write more and give my thoughts on anything so yeah. Anyway, bye~