Love is madness
An absolute disaster
A chaos sent by the gods
For humans to feel

It fills up the cup to it's brink
Then spills it all out in one go
You feel as if it burns your soul
But calms your heart and confuses your mind

Love has been depicting pain to others for years
Because it builds you up, and destroys you too
It gives off comfort but keeps you on the edge
It makes you and breaks you

Love's reputation isn't the best
It was shunned, forsaken, blamed and forgotten
To the point where love was hated
It was as if it was curse put on whoever had it...

But with love, the world had color
It was brighter and shinier than before
It filled you up with happiness and joy
It gave this glimmer in your eyes no one could explain

You saw things in a positive attitude
Optimism was everywhere with love
Flowers bloomed and bees buzzed
Days were longer and nights were quieter

But with love, it wasn't easy
The highs and lows came,
At times love broke your heart,
Love even leads us to change our whole being.

You can never experience the same love twice
Was a quote from a movie I once watched
Because with every love we encounter it is different
But nevertheless love is love

Filled with so much emotions one could go mad
Love is unpredictable, confusing, and scary.
You just have to face love, and accept it
Because in reality who knows 'what love really is'

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