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10. The Heart Wants What It Wants / Selena Gomez

literally one of my favorites. This one is literally about how you want to let go but you don't want to at the same time because it's too hard to. I can relate because there have been many times in my life where I had a difficult time of giving up people who wasn't good for me but, eventually I did & I am happy :).

There was one line in the song that says: "there"s a million reasons why I should give you up, but the heart wants what it wants." I think this is pretty relatable since I did have reasons on why I shouldn't give this person up but sometimes, you gotta just follow your conscience rather than your heart.

9. Just A Little Bit of Your Heart / Ariana Grande

This one is so heartfelt and so damn relatable that I just had to put this one in this. I listened to this when my boyfriend and I were being pretty distant at one point & it felt like he didn't want me. So, this song really explained my feelings in a way I can't express, lol I don't know if that was too deep but it's the truth. Good news is, him & I are okay now :)

8. My Everything / Ariana Grande

This one is definitely one of my favorites of Ari's. this one is about leaving someone so special and self-explanatory, telling them that they are your everything, vice versa. This one is very beautiful and will definitely catch you in your feels.

7. Nothing Like Us / Justin Bieber

One of my favorite acoustic songs from Believe Acoustic. This one is basically about a break-up and how the person is saying that they will not find anyone else nor have a relationship like they had. This one will hit you straight in the feels and get you thinking about a certain lover and think about what you could have been.

6. I Can't Breathe / Bea Miller

This one is very deep. Bea Miller is so underrated in the music industry and deserves more recognition, first of all and second, this song is totally relatable. This one is about not being able to contain yourself anymore & just let the weight of all the hate and pain in your chest and not being let it out, thus not being able to 'breathe.' Though this is about in your feels, if you're ever in a mood where everything doesn't matter and you feel like life isn't worth it anymore, there is hope and there is help. There are people who love you endlessly and are willing to hear you out. I'm here as well. I love you, and so do the people in your life.

5. Learn to Let Go / Kesha

This one is an absolute BOP and makes you feel like you're strong even though you feel crappy. This is all about not letting the past get to you no more. LET IT GO! Rebirth and Reborn and start a new era in your life. I mean, it is your life anyway.

4. Praying / Kesha

Kesha's new music has been so relatable and I totally recommend it. This one is about sticking up against the people who told you were wrong and weak & praying that they'll find a way to start positive vibe and peace at last.

3. Why Try / Ariana Grande

This one literally puts you in the middle. This one is about having a complicated relationship but you are loving what the person is doing to you, whether it is good or bad. So, I definitely recommend this.

2. Fools / Troye Sivan

This one is about falling for the wrong person but still be crazy about them. This one is puts me so in my feels, that it gets to the point where I cry and I can't stop, lol. #emotional.

1. Secret Love Song / Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

This is about keeping your relationship private but you want to make it public. I actually can relate to this because I had to keep my relationship private but, when we see people being all 'in love' with each other, we wanted to make it public but we were scared of what people will think. But turns out, we make it public & everything's alright.

So this is all, tell me if you want more articles like this cause' I'll do more :)

- Becca