Hi guys, i´m back! First of all i want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the reply to my first fashion article, it was insane! you guys always melts my heart, and what can i say about this number? More than 5,700 hearts together as one! Thank you, my amazing God, for each one of you!

Okay, now let`s talk about outfits!

Today i was looking for some ideas to my outfit for the birthday`s party of my best friend (this queen with the hat), and i fall in love with some looks with hats. i think that the hats gives a very special vibe for a simple look, and you can found so much options!

here we have some good ideas of your guys hearts:

fashion, outfit, and style image

all black, how can this look go wrong? the hat is so classic and extra, she looks amazing!

fashion, style, and outfit image

street style for experts! The cap in the same color of the over the knee boot makes this look clean but very stunning! with the long shirt and the backpack she looks comfortable but very stylish!

Image removed

Now please, stop what you are doing and look for this peace of art! the leather skirt with the lace and leather top and this hat is a perfect look for a party with your friends. It`s classic, chic but sexy. the only thing i don´t liked in this outfit is the boots, this is fashion editorial in a magazine and looks great but for real life choice heels or over the knee boots, okay?

fashion, summer, and style image

clean and chic, this is a very beautiful look. The white hat have a very summer vibe and if you want a outfit for a beach party this classic rich look is perfect!

clothe, look, and roupas image

ice of the cake! this is my favorite look of this article. everything works perfectly and the word "basic" doesn´t exist here. and this hat give what´s the look was missing, making it looks very stunning.

Well, hats are very easy to use and make all compositions looks more special. you can transform a simple look with him and use the same with very different clothes!

I really loved do this article for you guys, like always. and i hope you like it the same way as i liked.

bye, bye

All the love, pretty one!