"Everything you do during the day leads up to what your evening is going to be like or not be like.
Because it could be completely unpredictable.
You could be having the worst day ever: your girlfriend broke up with you, your dog got hit by a car, your life is in complete turmoil. And then that night you have this great show. There's that feeling of "fuck everybody. Who cares? I don't give a shit. Fuck the dog. Dog is dead, but all these people are freaking out".
And then you walk offstage, and then all of a sudden you're worried about what's going at home, and you're back to your life and trying to communicate with people at home.
Sometimes people use touring as a cure-all for their problems. It's a great place to run away from all your problems.
It's a different reality altogether, but as soon as that reality's over with, or that fantasy life is over with, all of a sudden you're at home again. There it is. Home is right there, and you're forced to deal with things. And then you have a terrible show and everything sucks. That day sucks.
You throw your guitar at somebody or your bass at somebody or your drumsticks at somebody with bad intent.
Then there's those times where that is your family.
That's who you are.
That is your home."
Billie Joe Armstrong, 2005
[January 11th 2017]