Since WeHeartIt introduced articles I decided to write one too.
Since I am pretty bored, at the moment, this could be fun.
And since I have some followers, maybe someone will even read this (maybe even enjoy it) and I'll continue writing small little things. Who knows.

My page and collections are manly dedicated to different fandoms I joined over the years. Some may be more recent and get hearts more frequently than others but over all I like my fandoms and I am proud to be a multi-fandom-fangirl.

Not every collection is about a fandom, though. I do have some about art and creative stuff since I like to draw (most of the time) and need inspiration. I also do have some collections with just photographs or memes, so there's something for everybody, I guess.

I also write and you can find me on Archiveofourown and Tumblr under the same username as here, if you want to check that out.

I don't really know what else I should write here, but maybe I'll do some Articles about TV shows I watched or books I read in the future, who knows. :)

See you soon~