We know that filmmaker have to take care about plenty opinions on lighting, sound technique, and equipment. But what about color? No, I'm not talking about color grading, color correction, or even the color quality of different cameras. I'm talking about production design. I'm talking about writing color as an entire character in your script. I'm talking about taking each one of your scenes in storyboard and assigning a color to it. Now I'm going to tell you what colors can communicate.

RED: Passion, Love, Danger, Violence.

PINK: Innocence, Femininity, Sweetness, Beauty.

YELLOW: Insecurity, Naive, Obsessive, Madness.

BLUE: Isolation, Calm, Cerebral, Passivity.

PURPLE: Fantasy, Ambiguity, Illusory, Eroticism.

GREEN: Nature, Darkness, Immaturity, Rebirth.

ORANGE: Energy, Warmth, Happiness, Sociability.

BLACK: Authority, Respect, Power, Fear.

GRAY: Solitude, Sadness, Depression, Neurasthenia.

WHITE: Purity, Creations, Wisdom, Dream.

BROWN: Reliability, Comfort, Stability, Simplicity.