I've been reading and re-reading Nike's motto which is, 'Just Do It'. This slogan was coined in 1988 (thank you, Google) and it really speaks volumes to me. I fear many things in the world. I fear rainstorms, pigeons, cats, crows and even clowns that are supposed to be amusing. But most importantly I am scared of being average and being stuck where I am.

To be honest, I have big dreams. And when I say, 'Big Dreams' I mean gigantic dreams that won't let me sleep at least. I want to do things that my parents can't dream of me doing or my peers can't imagine. Truth to be told, sometimes even I wonder if my dreams are a little too unrealistic. I'm pretty sure that all of us, including you (the person reading this), have dreams as such or even some goals that you want to complete.

There is only one way to complete a task and that is to 'complete it'. I'm pretty sure that some of you are procrastinating while you read this. I have something to say to you, I used to procrastinate all the time doing things that were completely unnecessary like surfing the web.

That's the mistake that I made. I kept searching articles and study blogs online that I thought would help me. Yes, they did. They were obviously quite motivational. But I could only manage to complete my primary tasks such as studying for a test, writing an essay or even practicing the guitar when I actually did it.

This simply means: I could do things only when I wanted to do them.

If you want to eat healthily, make a chart and takes notes of what you should be consuming and how much. If you want to do exercise, wake up in the morning and do it. If you want to score well or complete the task- go ahead and just do it.

This article is a reminder or more than anything a perfect sign that it is your time to hustle and do what you should be doing. Work smart and work hard but go ahead and do it!

Thanks for reading. ♥
- SimranxSharma