<<He leave .And I am ready to leave too. The dream ends. The nightmare starover.
Iam White. I am 17 years old. I am alone in the starry night. I already have sex for the first time in my life. With the love of my life. With the man of onother wamman. White was dreaming.Blans just lived the momment. White lifed and die for the ultimate love. Blans born again for White's ashes just like a body which life ,try, collect every new experience and taste everything new and extreme >>

This is a bit from a girls small story. What would be ever happend to that girl to make her whriting something like that ?? Ohh yes I know she have sex with a man of onother womman...But does it just that the reason that make her change her name and born again?? Or this is just the excuse to became a different people, to leave try founding a new experience ??