Everyone has certain goals in life:

Some want to earn a lot of money, be successful in the job, lead a healthy life, found a family, find love, travel around the world, be famous... etc.
I have not shared my life-goal with many because I think that people would not understand it ... but it should not be, since everyone is unique and our desires, hopes, individuality and dreams make us stand out.

So I'm trying to get it with this article; my first article.

My goal is : self-love

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I think it is one of the most difficult and challenging things that life has to offer. Everyone of us has somehow to fight with it, doesn't it? In addition, in my opinion, social media makes it for many young girls and boys even harder (me included).

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Clearly social media serves in many respects for good inspirations, new contacts and the exchange of opinions and beliefs.
But I always catch myself as I compare with models and I feel as a person completely imperfect, fat, ugly and worthless.

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I want to achieve self-love regardless of the opinions of others.

I want to feel good when I get up and when I go to sleep. Do not be ashamed of my body, humor, character, or views. I want to love myself with all my heart so I can love others and so I can help others to do it too. Because yes,

I believe with self-love comes the self-awareness and the faith and will to do everything you want to create.

A person radiates in my eyes pure attractiveness when she radiates a good and healthy aura.

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In addition, there is no self envy or jealousy and thus no hatred against other beautiful people. Because people who do not love themselves are unsafe and then try to make other people unsafe, so they are not alone.

I think it's a long journey to get there (self-love) but when I get there and finally accept myself , I will infect as many people as possible with my satisfaction to encourage them to accept their insecurities (Cellulite, the unequal breasts, their big eyes, their too short legs, the ever-recurring pimples and curves of his / her body).

& to just be themselves!
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what is your life purpose?

Write me a postcard ! I would be very interested!
Do you agree with my opinion or don't you?

xxxxx & you're not alone,
♡ Amanda ♡