Hey, everyone! I recently read ‘Uprooted’ – a fantasy novel by the author Naomi Novik, and I must tell you I’m still living in the world of this book, even though a few days have passed after I’ve read it.

So if you love a good fantasy, there’s something here for everyone. Although the Dragon in this tale ‘does not eat girls’, but only takes them away in his tower for ten years as a payment for the magical protection he provides against the corrupted Wood. And of course no one goes into the Wood… not even the Dragon himself.

When the choosing approaches, the 17-year old Agnieszka, as well as everyone she knows, is sure that the Dragon will take her best friend Kasia, because she is beautiful, graceful, smart and brave. And besides she has also been prepared for this her whole life. But when not Kasia is the chosen one, Agnieszka’s life changes completely.

It’s a fascinating story about love, sacrifice, friendship and forgiveness. But as sweet as this sounds, you might find the story quite dark at some points, which is why it is so unique. The concept of the corrupted heart also intrigues me as much as the one of redemption. Without giving out too much, I also want to add that the main heroine as well as her best friend serve as true examples of lion-heartedness and bravery. Proof that even if you consider yourself having a ‘rabbit heart’ (just a quick and not in any case accidental reference to Florence + The Machine – Rabbit Heart), you are never too late to change.

This book has already become one of my all time favourites so I wouldn’t miss a chance to recommend it to anyone who would listen. Besides, as fall approaches, you might find yourself even more enchanted by the atmosphere in the book.

Oh, and here's some amazing fan art I came upon yesterday. It depicts the main characters without too many spoilers and it is actually quite close to the ones in my imagination (except maybe the Falcon and the prince) so I think it's definitely worth sharing.

uprooted, sarkan, and agnieshka image