I'm starting to miss Home a little bit...

When we think about "Home" we often think about the place we love most in the world. Where the sounds and smells take us right back to childhood memories of laughter, love and unbridled joy. It's a comforting place we always yearn to return to; to our friends, to our family, to a feeling of belonging.

Seeing the way we, as human beings, have chosen to tread upon our "Home" planet, Earth, makes me realise that we could all do well to start taking care of Earth as we would our very own homes, lest we find ourselves yearning for the "Home" we once had in decades to come.

Where is the lushness, the freshness, the nurturing energy of our planet going?
How much longer will our planet suffer in silence in the face of mistreatment, cruelty, separation from her human and animal children? How soon will Mother Earth choke to death on the blood we spill onto her through never-ending wars, attacks and crimes?

Here are some ways we can make a small difference in our daily actions to contribute in a big way:

1. Let All Animals Live.

Earth is home to all who live in it and each creature, from tiny tadpoles to magnanimous eagles have a right to be here, to share each other's space with respect and to be free without fear of capture and confinement. There is so much beauty and awe to be found in wandering the earth freely and confining Earth's creatures to tiny, uncomfortable cages, rooms or tanks for entertainment is the worst sort of cruelty I can imagine.

2. Reduce waste.

We all have a creative genius within us. By coming up with ways to reduce our plastic, glass and sythetic waste upon Earth, we can minimise our carbon footprint and breathe a little bit easier, knowing we are lightening the load that Earth has to carry each day. Opt for biodegradable packaging where possible, wear clothing made of natural fabrics and dyes and create your own nourishing compost from leftover food waste or old vegetables for use when planting new trees, herbs or plants.

3. Be Kind

Earth's enegy field can also be polluted by negative thoughts, harsh or unkind words, cruelty and blasphemy. We all feel lighter and happier when we exude kindness towards others, lend a helping hand to those in need and do what we can to make life a little bit easier and safer for the creatures we share our "Home" with - our Earth family.

How are you contributing to make our Earth a more homely place for all? Use the #PlanetHome to share your story with us all.