Welcome to my first article on trends this summer (which unfortunately is about to end).

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Here are some of the most commonly used trends:

Vintage sunglasses

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Sunglasses are always an inevitable accessory to complete the outfit. In this summer of 2017 the most popular sunglasses were the vintage / retro ones that resume a bit of fashion in the 80s and 90s. I find it both a trend and useful and very fashionable.

Uncovered shoulders

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By now, we have all noticed that the uncovered shoulders are the new trend not only this summer but the whole year. From dresses to jumpsuits, from crop top to body, we can see how all the garments have come up to this very refined and sexy trend at the same time. Is one of my favorite trends of the moment.


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At this time the belts are of great vogue, especially those that recall vintage double-fineness. At this time we realized that to give extra touch to the outfit just add one of these belts and the outfit is complete without adding too much details.


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The floral fantasy has always been one of the must have of summer, because it is fresh, colorful and above all elegant, but at this time we focused more on a single flower ... the rose. We found it as a print or as a patch on every type of garment, from jeans to shorts, from dresses to shirts, even to bags and hats, in short everywhere. In my opinion it is a very romantic but casual trend, and it enriches the outfit with little.