The legendary 60s go back to fashion! The Brigitte Bardot look is still today, big lashes, pastel lips and soft waves in hair, here's the "dolls" style that has conquered the world.
Brigitte had the courage, and the nonchalance, to widen the neckline of dresses early and then discovering her back and neck. Sexy!
Especially in the 1950s, tops with bardot neckline, also called off shoulders, literally shoulders discovered, were the most beloved, so much to be rewritten in the seventies, with tops and dresses enriched by huge decorative, jagged or even perforated volants. Today, once again, the bardot neckline returns to dictate law in the fashion world as one of the renewed trends. In short, what matters is, in this case, to discover the shoulders, preferring the meshes or dresses with lowered shoulders. The bardot neckline is romantic and never vulgar, allowing you to create an original and fresh look, perfect for the summer. There are many models of the models: from short or long tops, solid colors or flowers, without forgetting the outfits, which are ideal in summer both day and evening
Even the clothes can have the neckline at the bardot. You find them in the most casual, adorable or wider models, as well as the most elegant ones, to wear for a special occasion. They can be tubular, that come down tight along the body, or with wide skirt and pleats
If you want to be a style icon like Brigitte Bardot, you may not miss out on the shoulder-off clothing proposals of this asos-inspired dress.