bonjour ❤ this is my first article and i'm so excited ❣❣ sorry for my english,because i'm from georgia and eglish is my second langauge ❤
today i'm showing what's in my backpack 😍😍 i'm going to 9th class and i'm little bit nervous 😱😱
ok, let's get started ❤

First in my backpack is cute pencil case ❤

fruit, school, and pencil case image

next one is notebooks (in our school we need so many notebooks)

drawing, grunge, and illustration image book, vintage, and photography image

in pencil case i have:pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, sharpener, colored pencil

school, study, and colors image

phone and phone charger

charger, colorful, and headphones image

in our country we don't need any folders or binders, but we have so much Textbooks 😒
study and notes image

and finally emergency kit 😂💕

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