My opinion about why we are all on We Heart It : Well...we all have something in common : Pictures....we see a picture what we like or what say how we felt ....or something else.....we heart the photo....We heart it is a beautiful site where we heart our favourite pictures....we send it to friends....we can downloaded the images....we can put it as a wallpaper....BUT....all we have different styles and different personalities.....we felt different things....and we heart it is a part of our all hearts....a place of our hearts where we can be opinion is that :

facebook, we heart it, and quotes image
Because with we heart it we can show our feelings...what we like...and now...we can be creatives and write a article

We are lost in a world .... our world .... our We Heart It .....

Some of us we wanna explore the world :

Image by ⍟♡‣░Ana•Maria░‣♡⍟ Image by ⍟♡‣░Ana•Maria░‣♡⍟ beach, moon, and sea image Image by ⍟♡‣░Ana•Maria░‣♡⍟ milan, italy, and travel image Image removed

Or we like spring :

flowers and spring image flowers and tumblr image flowers, world, and pink image flowers, tulips, and purple image flowers, nature, and spring image flowers, daisy, and white image

Or we like Anime :

sword art online, kirito, and asuna image Image by ⍟♡‣░Ana•Maria░‣♡⍟ Image by HeureusElue Image by ⍟♡‣░Ana•Maria░‣♡⍟ assassination classroom and anime image
Animes photos used : SAO , Assasination Classroom , and the others are FanArts i think....

Or we love music :

anime image Image removed Image by Light in the Dark anime, black and white, and anime boy image unicorn, iphone, and headphones image Image removed

Or we like cute animals :

cute, animal, and rabbit image cat, animal, and pastel image Inspiring Image on We Heart It dog, kendall jenner, and model image animals and puppy image cat, cute, and animal image

Or we are have a difficult life...and for that with difficult lives....i hope i'll make you face to smile...

anime, hyouka, and quotes image beautiful, sky, and clouds image Image by ⍟♡‣░Ana•Maria░‣♡⍟ Image by ⍟♡‣░Ana•Maria░‣♡⍟ Image by ⍟♡‣░Ana•Maria░‣♡⍟ smile, girl, and makeup image quotes, good, and happy image quote image smile, quotes, and happy image life, quotes, and smile image you....and for the people with bad lives...i hope you life will change in good...and this makes you felling good....every day wake up with a smile on you face... :) I wanna be there with smile with you....

That's all .... i hope you like it ....have a nice day :)
With love ,