I am loosing him. 5 years, it is incredible how much they can mean and how in just a few seconds fall apart. The man I knew, the man I loved is changed. I do know that people change all the time, and most changes are good, but this? Where is this ego coming from? Where is this thought of “I will do what I want even if it affects you” coming from? Doesn’t he care?

I prayed so much day and night for our relationship, we were so happy and in love. Now it is all falling apart. He says that if it ends it all happened for a reason and that we will be ok. I didn’t even considered the idea of ending it. Would it have to be just me the one who keeps on fighting for this? Am I the only one who still cares?

You are already planning a future without me. Where is “us”? You talk about yourself without asking me anything about me, without even caring how I feel when I talk to you. Don’t you care that your girlfriend is crying because of you?

“My man” I used to say in my mind. Well, you don’t want to be my man. That I can feel deep in my heart. But I just keep ignoring that feeling and keep thinking over and over again to my self: “my man”.