I constantly feel as though I am standing in a graveyard and whenever I do go to a graveyard I feel like I'm finally home. I feel like I am cursed by death and I also have a strange attraction to tragedy.

I frequently see 'shadow figures' standing next to people or following closely behind them and I have later found out that those people have died. I also see faces and hands almost trying to reach through walls or the floor towards me, a lot like in the cover photo. They have no identifiable features and they are moving and whispering but I am unable to tell what they are saying. I once accidently broke a mirror and the cracks unmistakably made the shape of a skull. Once, my friend took a picture of me and my eyes were completely black even though the picture was unedited and everyone else that was in the picture was normal.

I don't like sleeping often as my dreams/nightmares always involve death in some way.

I also have 'visions' that always take place in the same dark, dense forest at night and there is never any sound. In these 'visions' I have seen a girl watching me from behind a fire, a girls body hanging in a tree, a girls body floating in a lake, a girl watching me from the mouth of a cave, a girl on her knees screaming, and hooded male figure and many more. I am also able to hear whispering, screaming and crying in static/white noise, such as a radio that isn't tuned properly.

If anyone has any idea what might be happening, please tell me.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.