Everyone want to go somewhere to relax.
Here are some amazing places that you may visit this year.

Summer - our favorite season.
Who's that person that don't want to go on beach, to take some photos and to post them on We Heart It, Tumblr, Instagram or at their own blog.
here are some places that you may visit for summer:

~Greece - Everyone know Santorino. Okay, maybe is so expensive place for some of us, but Greece have a lot of beaches. it's a place that have a nightlife too.

~Turkey - Everyone watch serials. And Turkey is a famous place for serials. Bodrum, Istanbul are amazing places.

~Albania - An amazing place with lots of beaches, nightlife. It's for everyone, if you are with your family or with your friends. Visit those cities: Vlora, Himara, Plase, Jale, Borsh, Qeparo, Sarnde, Ksamil, Durres ect.

Summer is ending choose one.

Wait... Where to go for holidays - Winter is coming this week.