There are infinite reasons why we should love each-other but here are the ones that I can think of rn :
1- because everyone we meet has a story that we don't know of.Maybe this sounds corny or smth because you might've read it everywhere on the internet ,but it's so true.I can't be the only one ,looking out of the window of the car and when noticing people ,it always bothers me that there is so much that I don't know but it's also amazing because smth mysterious made life on Earth in the first place.Everyone you see,just like you, has had days when they didn't see the point in existing and days when moments of joy and laughter in their stomach gave life a meaning again.It's honestly fascinating and it has always been the main reason for me to love other people, that you can relate about at least something with the 7 billion people in this world,even though we all go through things in a unique way.It's heartwarming knowing that everyone around me goes through so much but still here we are,getting out of bed,trying to make our life better each day.
2- people's unique appearance
it has always blown my mind how we all have the same fricking features and body parts but somehow we all are different??like wow.that's so cool !?? everyone has different ears and nose and eyebrow /eye shape and so on so on and still we all manage to have lots of beautiful things about ourselves
3- whats within people
I'm a firm believer that everyone walking on this earth has a big role maybe without even realizing it.You're walking this earth?Congrats,you are here to make someone's days brighter,to invent something,to help people,to speak up,to do amazing things and what's even more awesome that people can do all these things without even realizing it.Ya'll are awesome,really.Everyone has stories to tell about themselves,personal taste in music,food,friends etcetc and to think that if I could manage to know the depths of people's hearts and minds I'd never get bored.

4- people's strength
don't even fight me on this,but I KNOW that even that fragile friend of yours that gets sensitive easily or people that have a lot of shit going on in their lives and have mental illnesses ,literally EVERYONE,is strong okay.Everyone has had something evil happen to them but they get up and TRY again,every single day.Don't underrate yourself because you could do so much and don't underrate other people either.You CAN do that thing,who knows?maybe that boy you know can be a fricking supermodel in the future or that one shy girl will write a best seller book and you can be rich .Even our role models were irrelevant kids once lol.This is a big reason to love each-other.Our endless possibilities.Because we are strong,and we CAN if we truly want.
5-love and kindness
this is probably the most important reason.Even in the most shitty days when you have to deal with shitty people ,good people still exist.I believe in the kindness of strangers,I believe that good wins sooner or later and that there are people trying their hardest to spread positivity and help.We should appreciate and love these people.If you are kind,I fricking appreciate you so much okay you are loved forever and ever.

My point with this is that hate is pointless,and lately I've been seeing so much hate everywhere,youtube comments,tumblr blogs , twitter,drama is everywhere and it is pointless.Please be nice.Please love.

-xoxo Jolma