Hey so its raining and that's always inspiring so im trying this new weheartit thing.

First things first, i like Taylor, im not a stan, swiftie or a fan, i just like her music, and i wanted to share my opinion on her new song and video, which im obssesed with. There's two parts in this opinion of mine. In one hand i really like her new vibes, those badass bitch look its sick, and that part of the video when all her past selfs are climbing to get to the top of the reputation, i think that part represents so much. And i guess we all get it, she is talking to her haters but mostly to Kanye and Katy, you can see Katy when that car crashes, and Kanye when Taylor is talking about being exluded from that speech. And i love that she's feeling super powered, and not down by all this shit, because most people would have stayed in bed crying but she did THAT instead.

But in the other hand, i think she has become into those girls that use to make her bullying once. I feel like she is the bully now, and i don't think thats fair. I mean, she's like blaming haters for her new dark vibes, which is not like that.

People had all the rights to think about her the way they want to, you can be influenced by twhat others think about you, but what you do with that, where you put yourself on, its up to you. It don't depends on what they say. People can tell you you're ugly, fat, a bitch, a whore, that you can't do anything well, and you can still do 3 things.

1. You can locked you in the darkest of your self, crying, and wanting to die, wich is logical, but so damn dangerous and hard.

2. You can turn it around and become so much fierce. Be the bully instead the victim.

3. You can move on, live with it, at least you know they're not right, so why would it bothered you? We all deal with stuff, i did too, that's why i know this one's the best option.

its true that normally you follow this steps in order, which is totally right because you're learning (except if you're a bully, that's never right) but that's what i don't like of Taylor, she's not following the steps. She turn it around too much. She was once the victim, now she is the bully, i don't think this is a message you should give to your fans.

But this is just my opinion. I still like Taylor and her songs and i think im gonna love her new album, apart from the fact that i don't like of her. I would love to read your opinions, but don't bully me because of mine. Don't be like her.

//I will make more articles of sundry themes, so stay focus//

(sorry if there's any wrong word or verb, im spanish and im very good at english but im still learnin' lol)