You dried all my tears away and gave me
hope, where none sometimes
was to be by me found, but
only in You.
You hear all my prayers when I come
to You.
I know that You will respond to them if that
fits in your plans.
I do know that You know everything better,
and that You will do what's is right.
You've loved me when I've felt
no love coming from anyone
around some times.
How can I not love you?
if You're the One who died for me and had
offered and given me
forgiveness and glorious eternal life,
You give peace and rest
to my soul and my
whole life.
You take all my pain away
thousand of times over
all the years.
You put on a smile on my face
all the time.
You've given me so much beauty to
see and enjoy in so many things.
You've given me all the people that I love
and hold so dear to my heart.
Your love is unconditional
and eternal,
and You love me more and better
than anyone ever can.
How can I not love You?
when You're already part of my
whole life and existence,
You just complete me!
in every each way, because
without You I wouldn't be here
and be who I know I can and
You want me to be.
Because of you I can love and
feel the way that I do.
I have a heart more full of love and
compassion and forgiveness all
because of You,
my very beautiful and sweet
How can I not love you
and worship you the way that I do
when I think of love and life
and all starts with just You,
Thank you so much,
for giving me all that you've given
I am so grateful to You,
my Sweet Almighty Father in Heaven.
How can I not love you?
If your very name signifies love,
hope and life in all
that I see and know.
You're with me now every single
step that I take,
You hold my hand and help me
rise every day.
You love me so much and love us all,
With You I have an eternal home
one day
in Heaven and that for sure
I do know.
How can I not love You my sweet Lord then?