Hi! So, this is my first article and i decided to write about something interesting and useful than sharing my personal issues (I think i should write more and different articles before a personal one). I'm going to share my thoughts on books that I recently read. I also have a list with books I'm planning on reading so I'm probably going to write about it as well (it contains 30 books...ops).

All the bright places
By Jennifer Niven

I really like the book and I can say it's my favorite so far. It has moments when it can make you really happy but there are moments that can fuck you up. The book is written on the behalf of the two main characters - Theodore Finch and Violet which I love,cause you understand the thoughts and feelings of both characters. As the book is described, Finch shows Violet all the interesting ,and some not that much, places in the town for a school project. Some places are boring and ugly,some are beautiful and interesting - such as life is! I (literally) fell in love with the character of Theodore. The way he looks, his qualities, he is sarcastic,there are always mysteries around him,he is a gentleman. That probably made the reading of the book easier for me. I highly recommend it,you will feel happiness,sadness,

and excitement. Such a beautiful and heartbreaking story. And I promise you - there will be moments when you'll say "I wish I was on Violet's place" or " I wish someone could take me on adventure" (as Finch did).

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Paper Towns
By John Green

Mysteries,mysteries and more mysteries. Margo Roth Spiegelman loved mysteries so much that she became one! You've probably heard this quote before. The book is full of adventures,that again,you'll wish it was you. I definitely relate to Margo at some points,she is lost,she is a stereotype for her classmates, they know her as the beautiful girl named Margo and no one is interested in her character,personality,what she loves,etc. That's why I found myself in her. Quentin Jacobsen is in love with her and goes after the clues she left,and I'm impressed of all the creative clues she left,cause if I run away as she did,probably no one is going to run after me to find me (except my mom lol), so... I can't develop in the sphere of leaving clues. There is a movie based on the book as well,but I personally prefer the book,everything is described better,and also some parts that are in the book are not included in the film or some are changed. Really enjoyed reading it,I recommend it,if you love mysteries,adventures and a story of a true love.

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Girl Online(1&2)
By Zoe Sugg

The first teen book that I read was actually "Girl Online" and I'm still in love with it. Amazing love story and a true supporter to deal with your anxiety. Panic attacks are the main subject in the book and how to deal with them which really helped me,I'm really nervous, even aggressive most of the times because of anxiety. I had 2,maybe 3 panic attacks before and all I have to say is just that this is a terrible feeling. The story of Penny shows that you're not the only one dealing with anxiety,toxic friendships,boys,school etc. Zoella is my all time favorite Youtuber so reading her book was an amazing experience,really touched me because I found myself in Penny many times. The second part was really good as well and I'm still waiting on the translation of the 3rd book cause I'm bulgarian and it's in my comfort zone to read in my language.It will make you feel very cozy,the story of Penny has its ups and downs.For me it's generally relaxing. Love this book.

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Let it Snow
By John Green,Maureen Johnson,Lauren Myracle

I still haven't finished this book,but so far I like it. There are 3 love stories happening at the same time,I like that they are connected. It's so relaxing but to be honest, I prefer harder books,like "All the bright places". Probably love stories are just not for me,but it's good for a break from a book about suicide.

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14,000 Things to be Happy About
By Barbara Ann Kipfer

This is the last book in this article. I read it when I'm really anxious or depressed,that's why me and my mom call it "Monica's antidepressant book" because it relaxes me when I'm down. It's just a list of things that will make you smile,or will pop a memory in your head that is connected with one of the things. It's not a book with a start and an end,it's not a story,it's just for certain moments. It's nothing special,just a list that I think you can recreate by writing down the things that are more personal to you and makes you happy.

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Okay,so that was my first article. If it's a success I'll definitely write more about many and new different things. This took me like 2 hours,I hope you like it and I hope that it was useful if you were wondering which book to read. You can follow me on Instagram if you want,the link is down bellow.You can follow my book and article collections,links down bellow. Thanks for reading! ♡

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