I wish I had her carves.
I wish I could be skinny like her.
I wish I had her perfect eyes and beautiful lips,mine's are ugly.
she is way more prettier than me, no surprise boys keep asking her out.....and not me.

I wish I was more

maybe I'm just not pretty enough.
maybe I should try harder.
and maybe I'll just never have the right look.

am I not enough?

Those are things that I said and thought and heard too many times in my life.

and why?why do I do that to myself?
why do people do that to themselves?

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I can keep asking myself these questions and thinking those horrible things about myself.
I can keep blaming the social media for making me feel less than perfect because I don't dress or look a certian way- the way that they define as beauty.

I can keep doing that all day long.

Or I can try.
I can try to understand that I am enough.
that I do not need more.

Because my look is complete when I'm putting my smile on,and feeling good with myself.
my look is complete when I'm not trying to copy and paste girls from commercials that tell me what to buy and wear.
my look is complete when I feel like a damn queen.
my look is complete when I own it.
my look is complete when I'm ME.
and when I'm really myself and feeling good with that, I couldn't look better.
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I will learn and see that being beautiful is so much more than having big carves or being skinny or even having big lips and nice eye color.
I will learn to see how being beautiful is not about boys looking at me and asking me out.
It's about being truly and fully,with no fear myself.

The right look for me,is me being myself,
and it will be hard to understand it and to embrace this look,but it's not impossible.
so I will try.

I hope you will try too.
you have nothing to lose.

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written by lihi israeli.