Finding your personal style can be a struggle.

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The impact of personal style goes from making a good first impression to approaching each day with confidence. Here are some tips for finding your personal style.

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1 . Trust yourself

No one can see what label or the size tag reads on the inside of your dress. A number shouldn't make you confident - how you feel in your own skin does. When you feel your best, you stand taller, smile wider and people will notice that. Be true to yourself. Experiment with different cuts, patterns, textures, and accessories. Trust your gut, because something that makes you feel yourself confident and beautiful goes never out of style.

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2 . Consider your lifestyle and goals

Your wardrobe should present your creativity and also be tailored to your lifestyle. Your style has to reflect your personality and also make sense in your field of work or at school.

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3 . Seek inspiration
Write the names of your favorite style icons and do a bit search on WHI to gather inspiration to your style collection. Write down all the elements they have in common. The characteristics you write down are usually the ones you most relate to.

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Get inspired and find your personal style.

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