Goodbye, my dear you. You refuse to see me, but that will not change the direction on my flow. I'm going to flow, no matter how you will going to try, it's long over now. I am so relieved to pass over this phase. So, very, very, very relieved
am not able
to act
in your games and fake creations,
I am made of stars,
made of Love.
I am the roots of every tree ever holding and reaching, spraeding the spil, earth, the birds. I can't be here with you. Sorry... I'm not sorry.
Finally reaching for your
OF THE WAY YOU treat me
I am home,
not your hoe.
I am love, not yet spreading
but I will flow and will demand every sorry
from your soul.
Don't you EVER treat
perfect beings
like ashes, tell them they are so bad. So spoiled. Unawaken. There's the thunder. You've come to the weaking point. Never hold a creatoral being on the wrong part. Of your dirty ego.
There's done, my lady
don't live shittily.
Don't you ever

I dare you say:
There is NO tomorrow. There is but this moment, only this day. Not one more, only one to live, only one to love.
Show it.
Don't miss the chance.
Don't act as if you're unworthy of the world,
it's an act of unkindness.
That's so disrespectful to your soul
that has risen to see
all the beings,
do make birth to all the livings,
to be awesome, and amazing
and NOT. Your. Fucking cravings.
Act worthy of yourself.