So I´m back and with some different stuff!! My top 7 best instagram accounts. Let me just warn you that some of this accounts are portuguese, but they are amazing!!!

- BRITT (@brittramjit- https://www.instagram.com/brittramjit/)

- ALEX HALLÉ (@alexandre_halle- https://www.instagram.com/alexandre_halle/)

- BÁRBARA INÊS (@barbara_ines- https://www.instagram.com/barbara_ines/)

- NOMAD DUO MOVEMENT (@nomadduomovement- https://www.instagram.com/nomadduomovement/)

- MAFALDA CASTRO (@mafaldacastro- https://www.instagram.com/mafaldacastro/)

- VALE GENTA (@valegenta- https://www.instagram.com/valegenta/)

- SOFIA BARBOSA (@sofiiabbeauty- https://www.instagram.com/sofiiabbeauty/)

So here you have my top 7 acc, they are all fantastic and I really hope you check them out because I am pretty sure you will love it!!!
If you have any account you like please send me so I can check out.

Love you,