Hi everyone.
First, thank you for reading my first artical.
I hope that you will like this and the articals that i will write in the future.
So, i am 15 years old girl, soon i will have 16.

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I go to the second year of high school which is starting next week. I am from Croatia. And sorry about my english. English is my second language.
I will write about everything i like. About my favorite bands, books, music and much more.

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I fall in love with writing.

Also i am planning to write my diat diary article because maybe it will inspire some people.


This is my personal collection. Quotes, memes and other stuff that are kinda me.
Go for it. Whether it ends good or bad, it was an experience.

So this is all from me. I hope that you will like this. I have so much more to tell you guys.
-Till the next time

Love you