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Today, I decided to write about convincing parents to have a pet ! You'll find advice in my article for picking the right pet and it will also include pros and cons that may help you during the discussion with your family. Let's start !

What would be the perfect pet for me ? 🤔

It may sound obvious, but every pet is a huge responsibility and you have to make sure you'll be able to take care of it. Of course, some of the pets from the list below don't need as much care than others, but one thing is sure, they need to be loved the same !

dog, cute, and puppy image
Dog Isn't it cute ? Dogs are very friendly, they love you more than they love theirselves ! To have a dog, you have to have a lot of time, a garden.. It's also the kind of pet that needs a lot of attention
cat, animal, and eyes image
Cats are beautiful and mysterious pets. They have very different characters. Some of them are very calm and need a lot of cuddles whereas other need a peaceful space. All of them are lovely !
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Rabbit Those soft and tinny pets are perfect for people who didn't have any pet before or don't have much experience. They need to live in a clean space and also to be taken out of their cage frequently. They can teach you how to be responsible
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Guinea pig Just like rabbits, they need to live in a clean space and be taken out of their cage frequently. Guinea pigs hate to be lonely so it's better to have two of them. They're very calm during the night so they won't disturb you !
animal, cute, and hamster image
Hamster It's the tiniest pet you can have ! They're very cute and unfortunately don't live long. They're a bit noisy during the night but are easy pets to maintain.
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Turtle It's a very calm pet. Your living place need to be large and safe because it can fall anywhere easily ! It lives very long so it needs constant attention.
aquarium, exotic, and fish image
Fish It'a an easy pet to maintain if you have the right equipment. If you have a big aquarium, you can get more of them but ask first a specialist to which species can live together

Well, I hope that the previous part helped you with making a concrete decision. Now, comes the most difficult part : Convincing parents. Here are some steps I recommend to follow :

  • Before asking them anything, make a research about the pet you're interested in a find out if it is possible for your family to have this pet (no allergies, enough time, money)
  • Try to help them as much as possible with houseworks. They'll see you're a mature and caring person. Offer to look after your younger siblings
  • Pick a cozy moment such as a dinner when you're all together to ask them. Explain them calmly why it could be a good idea to have this pet and how you plan to take care of it. You can also offer to save some money to buy toys for the pet for example.

-If they agree with you CONGRATS !
-If they don't, DON'T REACT BADLY !!! Ask them to think about it and continue being responsible. One day, they may change their mind and realize you'll be able to take care of a pet

Additonal advice
I thought it would be interesting if I write examples of arguments you could use during the discussion if your parents are not really positive about your proposition.

"Who's gonna walk the dog everyday?"
- Promise that you will walk the dog once day after school. You can also suggest that small dogs such as chihuahuas don't need walks as long as bigger dogs so it could be a good alternative to have a small one.

"The kitten is gonna destroy everything in the house"
-Tell them that you can do a good deed taking a cat from a shelter. It doesn't have to be a kitten ! One year old cats are more mature and usually stop messing around.

"The life of rodents is short"
-Tell them rabbits and guinea pigs live between 6-9 years or even longer, so it's not that short. Make them know you are aware hamsters don't live long (2-3 years) but you'll make everything you can to make their short life great.

"Who's gonna take care of the pets if we leave for holidays ?"
- Try to find a friend who already has animals and would be willing to take care of yours. You can also check on the internet if someone offers a holidays animal care service. Usually, a lot of people do it so just seek them in your area.

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