I grab my paper and pen
writing the feelings I can't comprehend

As the clock strikes at NINE
A million what ifs
Thinking how to make you mine

You stood there by the gate
That look those eyes that stare
I looked away because my heart wasn't prepared

SEVEN minutes in heaven
your hands are on me and we can go ahead and pretend
Hoping that this would never end

A total of SIX
Six words you have said
"I will always love you forever"
thought this moment would last but never

FIVE Knocks on your doorstep
Leaves out five blows in my heart
You were there but you didn't care to open
You shut me out leaving me broken

Yes, FOUR hundred miles
I moved away hoping my heart does the same
But not even one of your memories left shattered in piles

Yes, I remember on the count of THREE
The amount of seconds our lips had to part
Yet then again you pulled me and start

I'm wide awake at TWO
Overthingking what went wrong
Why is it that I'm not enough for you?

Now I'm left with ONE
Yes, you're still the one
Even though it's the countdown
Of you who's already gone.

- Lttl_Mss_Nbdy