I feel like it's kinda appropriate that my first article here is about how happy I am that WHI finally decided to actually make articles happen! I always wanted to write a blog although given my very busy life I never really had the time to make one. (Hell, I even just got back here on my account after like 100 years of hibernation!) I feel like starting a brand new blog that is actually made up of words (beautiful pictures aside) would be a lot difficult. Well, my point is WHI made it easier for me.

Talking about words. Who doesn't love them? Some people even only has words to hold on to. Some people give words easily as if it costs them nothing. Some people believe words. Words has the power to change a person forever.

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Isn't that why we write poetry?
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And why novels are so captivating?

Words are wonderful. They express what we can't with our voices. The letters forming our deepest thoughts and inner desires. Hidden behind pseudo names, we can tell the world everything through words.